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Sustainable, Resilience Supply Chain and Integration into Global Value Chains

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Hiroshi Tachikawa

Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa has more than 15 years of professional experience in training and consulting in the fields of green productivity including green supply chain and green procurement. Mr. Tachikawa conducted a number of management, sustainability and environmental, health and safety risk manageme

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The overall objective of the course is to discuss and explain the significance and ramifications of supply chain resilience in organizations. It is also meant to achieve the following detailed objectives:

  1. Identifying the factors that help build resilience in supply chains;
  2. Explaining the key principles that affect supply chain resilience;
  3. Differentiating between risks and opportunities;
  4. Interpreting the use of various risk-assessment templates;
  5. Discussing various standards associated with supply chain resilience and risk management; and
  6. Outlining the general steps to enhance supply chain resilience.


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    Please let me know the date of launch of the course.

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    Please let me know the date of launch of the course.

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      You can enroll. Already course is open.

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    Can i join this course from now

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