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Smart Manufacturing 201

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Course Description

Course Summary:

Smart Manufacturing 201 applies the digital manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 concepts discussed in Smart Manufacturing 101 to the entire manufacturing value chain comprising suppliers and customers. The course begins with a definition of the smart manufacturing ecosystem and specifically calls out the smart manufacturing value to all of the stakeholders concerned. The primary focus of smart manufacturing in removing islands and silos within manufacturing enterprises is discussed in detail. Beyond discussing integration of internal departments within an enterprise the course also discusses how external suppliers and customers can be connected for active tracking of strategic and tactical goals across the entire value chain. The course highlights the role of a worker in a smart factory and provides information on how to build a business case for a smart manufacturing transformation.

Course Pre-requisites:
Smart Manufacturing 101.

Module 1
The Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

  • Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem Value
  • Shared standards and practices
  • Unified Visibility
  • Quiz 1

Module 2
Connected Smart Factories

  • Factories Connected Internally (plant + enterprise operations)
  • Smart IT Architecture Framework
  • System to System Integration
  • Shared Platforms
    • Industry Driven Standards
    • Real time workflow modeling
    • Tool kits for visualization/collaboration
    • Toolkits of computation and storage
    • Interoperability Standards – System to System Communications – OPC, REST
    • API Management/Micro and Macro services
  • Quiz 2
    • Integrated security
      • Types of Vulnerabilities
      • Security Architecture
      • Design
      • Monitoring & Control
  • Quiz 3
  • Implementation of Connected Factories
    • Supply chain Integrated Factories
    • Distributor Integrated Factories
    • End to End connected enterprises
  • Quiz 4

Module 3
Smart Connected Worker

  • Human/Machine Collaboration
    • Cobots
    • Wearables
    • Augmented Reality
    • Machine Vision
  • Enhanced role of the worker
  • Empowered worker –
    • Assisted/Augmented Assembly
    • Augmented/Augmented Quality
    • Assisted/Augmented Maintenance
    • Assisted Training of Worker
  • Quiz 5

Module 4
Smart Manufacturing Business Cases

  • Building the business case for SM (measures)
  • Crawl, walk, run approach to smart transformation
    • Operational Goals
      • Optimal Manufacturing Performance
      • Optimal Cost of Quality
      • Optimal Cost of Reliability
      • Lower Energy Costs
  • Quiz 6
    • Tactical Goals
      • Lower Maintenance Cost as a % of Replacement Asset Value
      • Improved Traceability
      • Improved Value Added Labor
      • Productivity (and/or Lower Non Value Added Labor costs)
  • Quiz 7
    • Strategic Goals
      • Regulatory Risk Mitigation
      • Better Return on Assets
      • Better Agility
  • Quiz 8