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Integrating Lean Manufacturing System and Industry 4.0 Concept

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a) Lean manufacturing systems involve the systematic elimination of all types of waste in production and related processes. “Lean” also involves the concept of continuous production flow to satisfy customer demand by minimizing production lead time. The objective is to get the needed items to the right place at the right time in the right quantity and quality. The process requires identifying and eliminating activities that do not add value to the process of design, production, logistics, and customer relations. Lean systems have been widely adopted by industries and other sectors in many countries. The APO has organized e-learning courses and face-to-face training courses related to lean manufacturing systems for a decade. This training course will provide comprehensive information on lean manufacturing systems and lean applications in organizations. This particular course will also relate lean management and emerging technological concept such as Industry 4.0.

b) Objectives:

・ Explain what is Lean Manufacturing System is and what its benefits are

・ Explain principles and elements of Lean Manufacturing System

・ Identify types of waste and eliminate / reduce it

・ Apply Lean tools in problems solving and process improvement


  1. christianr


    As a productivity practitioner I’m very much in alert to start this course.

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    Please e-mail me for the date.
    Thank you.

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    Its a great topic i want to join this course.
    Will it gives any certification from APO that it would be awesome.

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    Pleased to note the announcement of Lean Manufacturing course. Kindly let me know the date of launch of the course. I am keen on enrolling for the course.

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    Please let me know the date of launch of the course.

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    Hello! Please update me when the course start! Excited waiting this course.

  7. A. Buana


    Dear potential learning partners,

    I am the person in charge of this course. We are still finalizing the materials of the course. We plan to have it ready by first week of January 2018.

    Glad to see your enthusiasm for the course!

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