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E-Learning Course on Green Productivity_17-IN-68-GE-DLN-B – Session #1

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Course Description

1) Background

GP is a strategy for simultaneously enhancing productivity and environmental performance for overall socioeconomic development that leads to sustained improvement in the quality of human life. It is the combined application of appropriate productivity and environmental management tools, techniques, and technologies that reduce the environmental impact of an organization’s activities, products, and services while enhancing profitability and competitive advantage. The APO has been in the forefront in promoting this strategy in member countries through various modalities. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the GP methodology, tools, and practices and work on exercises to understand GP implementation.

2) Objectives

To equip participants with theoretical knowledge of Green Productivity (GP) methods, techniques and tools; to prepare them before attending practical face to face course in the future; to enhance the awareness on impact of industrial revolution towards sustainable management.


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