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Customer Satisfaction Management for the Service Sector_17-IN-32-GE-DLN-A

E-Learning Course on Customer Satisfaction Management for the Service Sector_17-IN-32-GE-DLN-A – Session #1

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Course Description

1) Background

The service sector is one of the major contributors to the GDP of all APO member countries. The promotion of productivity and innovative service-sector management is therefore crucial to drive national economies. Economic growth in advanced economies with a good quality of life is typically dominated by the service sector. Service-sector innovations, especially in CS management, can result in quantum leaps in productivity and involve harnessing the creativity of employees to increase efficiency and enhance overall performance.

As part of the APO’s strategic direction of strengthening the service sector in member countries, it has been conducting courses on service-sector innovation, customer relationship management, ICT, and knowledge management in the service sector through e-learning courses and face-to-face projects. This course will focus on how to manage CS strategies to meet the specific needs of customers and share the best practices of CS management and innovation in the service sector, especially in the era of Industry 4.0.

2) Objectives

  1. To provide an understanding of new concepts of and strategies for customer service (CS) management for improving productivity in the service sector;
  2. To learn how to meet the needs of customers in the era of Industry 4.0; and
  3. To share CS strategies and best practices for successful innovation in the service sector.


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