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E-Learning Course on Management Innovation in SMEs_17-IN-09-GE-DLN-A – Session #1

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Course Description

1) Background

Management innovation is a process by which an idea or invention is translated into a product or service for which people will pay or something that results from this process. To be called a management innovation, an idea must be replicable economically and satisfy a specific need. Management innovation involves deliberate application of information, imagination, and initiative in deriving greater or different value from resources and encompasses all processes by which new ideas are generated and converted into useful products. This e-learning course will be a platform for SMEs to learn and share the latest trends in and information on management innovation to enhance their competitiveness in local and global markets.

2) Objectives

To provide an understanding of the concept of management innovation in SMEs for enhancing productivity including technology-driven innovation; and learn about and share strategies for successful application of management innovation in SMEs.


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    I am interested in taking this course as it may help me to do my job much better and it enables me to develop my skills too.

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    I appreciate the APO Institute of Productivity for organizing such a program which enables us to learn how to managing innovation in SMEs. SMEs need to do more innovations to compete in the market as it is very challenging and high risk of being failure if their products and services are not up to standard and need more innovative thinking too.

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    I am interested in taking this course as it may help me to do my job.

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    Hello, I’me keen to participate this course

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    I would like to enrol in this course. How do I go about it.

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