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Waste Management in Agribusiness

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Mohamed Ismail Mohammed Mowjood

Department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka Professor of Biosystems Engineering, Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Received a Master’s degree and PhD in Biotic Environment (Regional Re

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Course Description

This course is designed for those who are interested to learn the concepts and different approaches to waste management in agribusiness. It is expecting to be most suitable for managers and entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and academics involved in agricultural waste management sector.

In general whether in agriculture sector or industrial sector, the waste management is one of the key issues being discussed and deliberated at global level. Global warming, climate change, environmental degradation and health hazards are some of the consequence of improper waste management.

The agriculture sector generates huge amounts of organic and nonorganic waste during food and agricultural production, handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, and marketing. It is estimated that 15% of total waste consists of agro-waste which is equal to 998 million tons per year. Waste management can not only reduce waste generation but also promote its reuse and recycling. In general, agribusiness enterprises are concerned about waste management. However, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are constrained in the adoption of proper waste management strategies due to a lack of knowledge and other factors. The proper management of waste in any agribusiness can help in many ways to maintain a healthy environment for the business, the community and overall economic benefits.

The course is consist with number of modules including introduction to waste management in agribusiness, agricultural waste generation and characterization, waste management strategies, resource recovery from waste, life cycle assessment and financing, legal and institutional arrangements and few real-life stories.

This course is being organized to train a critical mass of stakeholders in APO member countries in the basic knowledge and skills of waste management in agricultural systems and agribusinesses.

The Asian Productivity Organization developed this course with the support of Prof. Dr. M.I. Mohammed Mowjood, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Course Instruction

– There are 8modules in this course. Please start with Module 1 and complete each module in order.
– The recommended timeline to complete each module is:

Days 1 – 3: Module 1
Days 4 – 8: Module 2 + Quiz 1
Days 9 – 11: Module 3
Days 12 –16: Module 4 + Quiz 2
Days 17 –19: Module 5
Days 20 –25: Module 6 + Quiz 3
Days 26 – 29: Module 7 + Module 8
Day 30: Exam

– To confirm your understanding, 3 quizzes are provided. Please answer the questions and check your score for self-assessment. Please note that the quiz scores have no connection with the final examination results.
– It is recommended that you proceed to the next module only after satisfactory completion of the preceding module.
– After completing all modules, each participant should take the final exam. Remember that you are only allowed to take the final exam once. Please ensure that you have thoroughly understood all modules before taking the final exam.
– After completion of the course the APO will provide e-certificates to successful participants from APO member countries who pass the final exam (minimum passing score is 70% or 70 points).

Course Objective
a.To enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of the concepts of and approaches to waste management in agricultural systems and businesses; and

b.To trigger economic development initiatives by raising awareness of waste minimization and transformation of agricultural waste into useful products.

Important Notes:

1) Participants who register to take this course and pass the final examination with a score of 70% or higher will be eligible to receive the APO certificate. Please note that the final examination can be taken only once. Therefore, you decide when you choose to take the examination. Please note that the self-assessment quizzes are for your own evaluation and have no connection with the final examination results.

2) Participants who perform well in this course and receive the APO certificate will be given preference, on a merit basis, for selection to attend the follow-up face-to-face multicountry APO project, provided their nominations are received through the concerned NPOs and slots are available.

3) Notes 1 and 2 are applicable only to participants from APO member countries. Participants from nonmember countries are welcome to take the course for self-improvement, though they will neither get APO certificate nor an opportunity to attend the follow-up face-to-face multicountry APO projects.


All successful participants in the APO member countries must check their names (only in English alphabet) and contact addresses in the profile page because the certificate will be sent through the NPOs as per the exact information in the profile.
Thank you.


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